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Dice rolls add an element of chance and risk to game engines. They can be used to determine whether events within a game engine occur while still allowing skill progression and a skilled player to figure out their odds of performing the necessary actions.

This library simulates turns taken while rolling dice. But adds an ebb and flow to the outcome using a luck.

require '../vendor/autoload.php';

use Ouxsoft\LuckByDice\Factory\TurnFactory;

$turn = TurnFactory::getInstance('d4,2d6,3d8+2,4d10*2,5d20+10*2,6d20-2,d%');
echo $turn->roll();

// based on the outcome luck increased (+1) or decreased (-1)
echo $turn->getLuck();

// our luck effects our next roll
echo $turn->roll();

This graph shows 10,000 consecutive 10d10 LuckByDice rolls. Notice how outcome impacts luck and vice versa.



Get an instance of LuckByDice up and running in less than 5 minutes.

LuckByDice is available on Packagist.

Install with Composer:

composer require ouxsoft/luckbydice

That’s it. You’re done! Please take the rest of the time to read our docs.

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